Cath Kidston Sew Together Bag

I. love. this. bag.

This is the second bag from this pattern that I’ve made, and I love it! I don’t usually buy a lot of bag/pouch patterns because I find they don’t quite fit the purpose I’m trying to achieve. Instead I get inspired and muddle through coming up with my own creation. But seeing all the pictures of this bag on instagram and various blogs, there’s not a lot about it that I don’t like.

The bag is so spacious, useful for many things, and super easy to make. Naturally, after you’ve made it once, you have a better idea of what you’re doing, and it just goes faster.


I only had a fat quarter of each print (8 prints), so I had to use them throughout the pattern. And I love the ‘scrappy’ look, while still having cohesiveness. Look at all those pockets!!


I quite like working with zippers, and these are the easiest yet! There’s no special treatment, like adding zipper tabs (at least to these three). Just sew along the edges with your zipper foot. There are, however zipper tabs on the long, outer zipper, but they’re not too bad.

The red dot fabric gives the binding on top a nice pop of colour.

BindingMy favourite of all the fabrics has to be the blue ‘cloud’ flowers lining the end pocket. I only have a few little scraps of this left, and a few scraps of the rest. It may not make more than a cute throw pillow, or mini quilt, but I’m waiting for the right pattern to come along for that.

BlueSo if you’re interested in making your own Sew Together Bag, the pattern can be found for purchase on craftsy right here. Or if you’re not a sewer, I’m sure I can be bribed with chocolate to make you one! 😉


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