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wow! it’s been two years since my last blog post?! i can hardly believe that…

since i intend this blog to be more crafty, i will save most of the details for my personal blog. but i will share this: about two years ago, the hubby and i became licensed foster parents. and kids came along! i have stitched and created in those two years, but never quite got to the blogging-about-it stage.

we’re still licensed foster parents, but i think i can make time for blogging again! 😀

let’s do a little catch up with some projects i have in the works.

a couple of years ago, i began a quilt for my sister Annie, from fabrics that she bought me for my birthday. (I can’t remember what the fabric line was called, but i’ll look it up and update the post…) I pulled a few other fabrics to match from my stash and used this pattern to create a gorgeous quilt top. i don’t think i bought a pattern for this (being a poor college student at the time) but i definitely had inspiration from somewhere. (i’ll look for it!) at long last (maybe a year later) i finally was quilting it. long story short, i was almost done with my quilting when i looked on the underside… it was all wrong. the top tension was too loose. so i’m currently unpicking to restart the quilting from scratch. hopefully another year won’t pass before i’m done!


i got back into some cross stitching in the past few years. this design came from an issue of Cross Stitcher magazine. it was on the cover, and i spotted it one day while browsing the online store on my iPad. it was super easy and quick with only 6 colours of floss to use. i stitched mine on some belfast linen.

Deer Tree

i’m nearly done with my Virtuous Woman (Proverbs 31) piece. it’s taken a while, simply because there are so many colours, and i’m starting and stopping with each colour really often. i’d love to have this done before we get too far into the autumn.

Proverbs 31

i finished this guy just in the nick of time (no pun intended) for christmas 2014. i had him on the go for about 2-3 years. every time i got it out, the hubby would say “are you actually going to have this done by this christmas??” after that stitching session, i’d put it away, and lament that it would take so long, and i’d have trouble pulling it out again. well, last autumn, i got my crazy stitching frenzy on. i had an idea for this one. i would frame it, with a nice thick matt, and start a new tradition: whomever is in our home on christmas day, as a guest, gets to sign the matt. well, my family (momma, dad, brother from UAE, two sisters & bro-in-law from UK) were over for christmas, and they got to sign it. that was incentive enough for me to finish up!


this next one is my current knitting project. it’s a shawl i found via pinterest, called Campside. i have a few friends and acquaintances around me that knit beautiful shawls, and i had never knitted one before. in fact, i haven’t knitted anything that has segments like this. it’s easier than i thought. the eyelets get closer together as the shawl lengthens, and the stitches keep on increasing! i’m so excited for this one, and hope i can get it done before the cooler weather sets in.


and just a few things from my to-do list… i’ve been wanting these books for ages, and already have a couple of projects picked out to try. the farmer’s wife quilt does look daunting to me (considering my past record with quilting….) so maybe we’ll revisit THAT in 5 years! i also have my eye on Farm Girl Vintage being in my near future.

To Do List

these all seem like a lot for me to be doing right now, but i haven’t shared in a while. i’m finally in a rhythm. in fact, i’m getting so organized, i have plans for listing things in my etsy shop. in fact, there’s a few items in there now. i can’t wait to get started with some of my other listings! keep checking back with me!


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