a note for my Flickr paper piecing bee…

hi there flickr friends!

thanks for stopping by to take a look at my notes for our September block. I hope it helps some of you understand what i’d really like from you! I promise i’m not high maintenance… 😉

so I’ve decided to go with this block I happened across on Pinterest.

hexagon block

isn’t it cute?! anyway, I had a little tester with the downloadable paper pattern, and it wasn’t exactly impressive. I have two problems:

#1 – I totally clashed fabrics so you can’t see the hexagon, but it’s what I had to work with! I probably should have made the dark fabrics form the hexagon rather than the star. but I learned a lesson!

#2 – the star I made came out kinda elongated.

Photo Aug 28, 9 29 45 PM

so, i’m going to redraw the paper pattern so that it all comes out equal. don’t use the printable one: i’ll have to snail mail it to you all with the fabrics. i don’t have OCD at all…. :S

i’ll slip a little note in with the fabrics, too, but i’ll tell ya now anyway. I’ve stacked the fabrics so that the top 3 squares will be used as the inner star. i had to be strategic with the fabric colors so i wouldn’t get clashes like i did above. I just cut the squares right down the middle to make 2.5″x5″ rectangles to start off with. the next 3 squares in the stack should be used as the triangle pieces that make up the hexagon shape. each 5″ square can be cut into four. I cut it squarely into four 2.5″ squares, but right as I’m typing, I just had an epiphany: I bet it’ll be easier to piece if you cut on the diagonal instead to make four triangles. I might try that and see! i had a little difficulty fitting the whole triangle base in there. sometimes i was a little off and got a notch at the very ends…

Photo Aug 28, 7 00 05 PM

it was small enough to fit inside the seam allowance though, so i didn’t mind. finally there are two long strips – one is 1″ wide to be used for the star outline pieces and the other is about 6″ wide for the outer block background.

now a quick note about switching out fabrics.

i learned my lesson from the last bee block group i was in. i had A LOT of mess ups. 😦 And the fabric i chose to go with was all of the same line and a little pricey. 😦 i still haven’t fixed/replaced all the blocks yet! anyway, although all the fabrics here are of the same collection, ultimately, i’m okay with you switching out fabrics with some from your own stash. in fact, i might really appreciate you doing so to achieve the contrast look i was hoping for. i seemed to have an abundance of lighter background fabrics and not so many black/dark greys/reds. SO… if you have fabrics from this line, or any that are black/dark grey/red – very close to these shades, and you feel the fabrics i sent you might not turn out so contrasty, by all means, feel free to switch em out! also, if you make a horrible mistake somewhere and can’t rescue it, i’m okay with substitutions – as long as they remain in this color scheme.

if you have any questions, please let me know via flickr – i’ll keep a check on it there.

i can’t wait to see how these turn out!


union flag pillow


yesterday, the hubby and I said goodbye to our first couple of foster kids. we had them for about six weeks, and had grown comfortable to them in our home. but we weren’t so attached that we’re traumatized… they were really sweet, cute kids.

anyway, since today was unstructured for me, I decided to bring out the british fabrics i’d been hoarding for a while now and play around with them. of course, they worked themselves into a union flag. and why not form a pillow?


it’s going to be a lovely surprise gift for someone special. I can’t wait til they get it!

I’ve got a bit more of this fabric left and am contemplating making another pillow, or something else entirely.


definitely liking the flag thing though. i’d love to have a flag pillow for each country I’ve been to. then again, they’d be so numerous, there’d be pillows all over my house! maybe a quilt…