crayon roll for my foster kids

just over a week ago, the hubby and I became first time parents to two little foster boys. one is two years old and the other is four. they are a handful, and this fostering thing is an adventure!

after we took them to church with us last week and them being somewhat noisy with the plastic pencil case filled with crayons, I decided to make this cute little crayon holder: one for each of them.

Photo Jun 29, 1 05 13 PM

I had some inspiration from this flickr photo, but with no tutorial, I just came up with the measurements myself. it wasn’t too difficult to figure this little beauty out.

Photo Jun 29, 1 04 59 PM

and of course I love the rainbow trend! 🙂 thankfully, we had enough crayons to make two rainbows. these are great because I don’t have to bring dozens of shades of crayons to church anymore, and they still have all they need.

I’ve already been commissioned by a few friends and family to make more for their kids, so i’ll be busy for the next couple of weeks…


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