Traveling sewing pouch

I’ve been wanting to make a portable pouch of sorts to take on the road/airplane so I can continue my embroidery endeavors while I travel. after reading a post over on the clover & violet blog, I was inspired to create a version of my own.

Photo Jun 07, 1 35 13 PM

I used fabric left over from selling Stampin’ Up! products. when I saw that they did fabric, I had to give it a try. I LOVE stuff that’s already color coordinated! The measuring tape fabric was a lucky find when I went home to the UK over winter. I’m not sure of the maker/designer though. I need to get better at remembering to look for that info.

Photo Jun 07, 1 34 27 PM

the inside features a clear zipper pocket on the left side, with another pocket tucked behind. there is another clear pocket on the green flap on the right, and on the reverse of the flap is a little felt ‘needle book’ to keep those needles safe. I didn’t photograph all the features, but there’s also a loop attached to the upper edge to hold an embroidery hoop… I made this ‘kit’ to pass around some friends for a new project.

blank pillow

I’ve moved a lot in my life, and I like to try and remember as many friends & people I meet as possible. this pillow is currently travelling amongst my local friends: they will write their name, like a legible signature, and embroider over it with a simple back stitch. to make it easier for them to do, I had everything they would need inside this sewing kit. I can’t wait to get it back with all the lovely embroidered signatures! also, I need to take pictures of the sewing pouch in use, filled with colorful threads.

I wondered if I should do a tutorial on how to make a pouch like mine… what do you think?


One thought on “Traveling sewing pouch

  1. I would love a little tutorial on that! It would be perfect to keep in the car when I need a little stitching time because my coworkers are driving me crazy!

    That ruler fabric looks like it could be from American Jane (Sandy Klopp). I think they just re-released it as part of Potluck.

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